Tired… Flabby… Unmotivated… or Just Ready to Upgrade Your Health??

RESET your health!  Join the community, have fun, rewire your thoughts about what it means to live vibrantly, radiantly, and happily!

Have you found it challenging to find the food that you love, the movement you love, the people you love, and the lifestyle you absolutely want?

I know how it is.  I struggled with this for years.  Getting from where I was to where I wanted to be seemed like such and effort – a journey that would take some quantitative amount of time.  Now I know some tricks I want to share!  Some of it is actually instantaneous (hint: health and radiance actually are!! And well, the body’s appearance takes a bit of time to catch up sometimes  ;-) ).  Want to see some evidence of my own transformation? Click Here

Or maybe you are more like how Thomas has been in the past.  You know intuitively that health is important but are often confused on how and what to do to be healthy.  You find yourself losing your way and finding it again and want to take your health and radiance to the next level with support and community!  If you’ve made it this far… Make it Real, Make it Raw is for you!

Welcome to 5 days of detox where you will clear the body and the mind of the excess garbage that keeps you from being happy, healthy and radiant.

  • An Intro call to prepare you so you know exactly what you need to know before the detox begins
  • Materials to download about the program including your detox protocol
  • Shopping list
  • 5 day menu plan
  • Recipes for 5 days
  • Every morning for 5 days we will send you a detox yoga video for that day.
  • Every morning for 5 days we will send you a food prep video for that day.
  • 5 days of recorded coaching Q&A Calls

Transform – Happy… Healthy… Radiant!

We have created Make it Real, Make it Raw Detox Blast as a virtual event with the intention to grow a community that wants to have a blast creating extraordinary health and radiance.  Are you ready get clear, feel great, make friends, own your health, your happiness, your radiance? Buy the whole package below for only $197!!

About Us

Thomas Radtke has more than a decade of training in yoga and body work and nutrition. He studied health and holistic protocols for 10 years at the 21st Century Institute for Colorado. He has a certificate in raw and living foods from the Ann Wigmore Institute and continues his studies in raw food today with Dr. Doug Graham of the 80/10/10 lifestyle. He is trained in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga since 2001.

Thomas envisions the human body as, “a point of access to achieve the higher realities of being” and his passion in support of this vision is to provide students with the tools to discover their highest potential through the exploration of movement arts.

In April 2008, in partnership with his wife, Tataya, Thomas opened Yoga Body & Balance (YBB). An instant success, YBB student enrollment has grown by 600% in just one year. Their mission is to empower people to awaken into a life they love and they do so by authentically caring for every individual.

Rachelle Anslyn is known for thinking big and living an extraordinary life.  Her passion for being authentic, creative, and vibrant has taken her to explore the depths of what is possible.  She has traveled over 30 countries to work with clients, for volunteer aide, to study with yoga masters, and for the delight of cultural wisdom.

Rachelle has studied over 100 different dietary theories and learned straight from leading health experts and doctors such as Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Sally Fallon, Mark Hyman, David Wolfe and many, many more.  Rachelle graduated in 2009 from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Her mindset mastery came from attending The School for The Work of Byron Katie in New York City in 2001. The following year, Rachelle staffed The School working directly with Byron Katie in Los Angeles.

Rachelle has also studied with yoga masters around the globe in several traditions including Kundalini, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Vibrant Living Yoga and Yoga Synergy.  Through her experience with self inquiry, yoga, nutrition and the healing arts, Rachelle has cultivated a full spectrum mastery of living a vibrant purposeful life. Visit Rachelle’s Blog

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